Is Professional Teeth Whitening For You? 

Is Professional Teeth Whitening For You? 

Jun 01, 2019

Professional teeth whitening in Berkeley is for you if, you are into excessive consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, sodas, and pigmented food items. These food items and beverages lead to stains which are difficult to get rid of. Apart from them, as you age, the smile is bound to get darker. However, it’s nothing to worry about, as the dentist in Berkeley, CA offers cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help in getting a flawless pearly white smile. Here’s a look at what the dentist can do for you.

You Aren’t The Only One With Yellow Teeth

You can see a demand for whiter teeth among people more than ever. However, the solution to stained and discolored teeth can’t be found on the toothpaste aisle of the grocery store. In most cases, these OTC products won’t be able to offer the results that they advertise.

Though a few toothpastes may show some results as they contain small levels of hydrogen peroxide, the effects won’t be as great or as desired. Some of the whitening kits can prove to be dangerous as they bleaching agents may end up in places other than teeth, which is bad for your gums and soft tissues.

Professional Guidance Is Key

If you are looking for the safest, most effective and durable solution for teeth whitening, you must take resort to professional help. As with most things, professionals offer an excellent result. Even when your teeth are badly stained, the professional treatment can offer significant whitening. The professional products have more than 10 times the bleaching agent as commercial a product which is why only a professional can use them.

Also, the dentist is trained and experienced in their job so, you are in safe hands. The dentist near you will also be careful that the bleaching agent does not come in contact with your soft tissues.

A Brighter, Whiter Smile Awaits

If you are looking for a brighter and whiter smile, it is time to connect with the dentist near you who can help in achieving the smile of your dreams.

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