Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Berkeley, CA

A gleaming, healthy grin says a lot about how well you take care of yourself. It makes an immediate positive impression on the people you encounter. Whiter teeth are a sign of youth, beauty, and wellness. If you have stained or discolored teeth and you feel self-conscious about your look, this can rob you of your desire to smile. For that reason, teeth whitening in Berkeley has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in recent years. It is a very inexpensive way to improve your appearance.

Teeth Staining and Discoloration

Our first set of teeth are naturally whiter than the adult teeth and as people grow older, for various reasons our choppers tend to become discolored and darker in appearance. This is one reason why a whiter smile is often associated with youth. The main influences include heavily pigmented foods, genetics, and antibiotic use. Unfortunately, sometimes they just become dull over time.

Changes in enamel and the underlying dentin can result in internal discoloration, often caused by tooth decay, root canal issues, developmental disorders, exposure to excessive amounts of fluoride, antibiotic use as a child, and many more reasons. External influences tend to cause surface tooth discoloration, such as tobacco use, coffee, tea, and a host of other foods.

Teeth Whitening

To enhance the look of your smile, we offer a variety of whitening treatments at Berkeley Smiles. The most common methods available are in-office professional teeth whitening in Berkeley, CA, at-home professional bleaching kits, and over the counter products.

Professional whitening treatment at Berkeley Smiles is the preferred method. Your Berkeley dentist uses stronger bleaching products and is skilled at protecting your mouth and gums from exposure to these agents. The most effective bleaching systems include a buffer in the whitening gel to protect tooth enamel from damage. These superior products are extremely high-quality and can transform a discolored smile in a single visit. In just one hour you can expect your teeth to become 10 shades whiter. Results can last for several years, depending on your oral hygiene habits.

Professional whitening at Berkeley Smiles is just the first step. It is likely your Berkeley dentist will suggest a take-home teeth bleaching kit to extend your whitening results.

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