Root Canal

Root Canal in Berkeley, CA

A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that allows a person to keep a natural tooth even though it’s been severely weakened through infection and subsequent damage. Root canals are often required to stop infection of the tooth’s pulp chamber. Once tooth decay penetrates the enamel and passes through the dentin, it reaches the pulp chamber which is full of blood vessels and nerves. Bacteria multiply in the pulp chamber more rapidly than on the outer layers of the tooth, causing a severe infection that can penetrate the jawbone. Pus from the infection puts pressure on the nerves inside the tooth’s roots, causing a painful abscessed tooth. Although the pain may fade after the infection kills the tooth’s nerves, the decay will continue to spread.


A root canal stops the infection, preventing its spread while preserving the natural tooth and allowing its roots to stay in place. The procedure requires your dentist to drill into the pulp chamber, removing all decayed and infected material. All pulp material, including the nerve, is removed. The root chambers (canals) are thoroughly disinfected and cleansed of all decayed matter. A filler is placed into the canals and pulp chamber; then the tooth is sealed.

These are the typical steps in a root canal:

  1. Your dentist numbs the tooth, its nerve and the oral tissues surrounding the tooth. Typically, this is only part of a root canal that’s uncomfortable.
  2. The dentist drills out the infected material, removing decayed, dead and dying matter.
  3. Once the pulp chamber is opened, your dentist will clean out all pus and remove the tooth nerve. Although this sounds fearsome, it’s painless.
  4. The canals—narrow passages that contained the tooth’s roots are cleaned. All living material is removed, and the canals are disinfected.
  5. The now-empty canals and pulp chamber are sealed with filling.
  6. The hole from the enamel into the pulp chamber is filled and sealed.
  7. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is fitted.
  8. In a follow-up appointment, your dentist will put a permanent crown over thefilled tooth.

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