Invisalign Dentist in Berkeley CA

Invisalign® in Berkeley, CA

Advancements in the latest orthodontic technology have spawned a new era in the straightening and realignment of crooked teeth. Uncomfortable and attractive metal fixtures, wires, and brackets are no longer the only way to achieve a straight, healthy, beautiful smile.

Misaligned and crooked teeth can now be easily corrected with discreet clear aligners. Our Berkeley patients can say goodbye to the days of painful orthodontic maintenance and restrictions on their diet. At Berkeley Smiles, we’re excited to offer Invisalign® to our orthodontic patients. This revolutionary orthodontic technology has the power to improve your smile and your life.

Visible Results with Invisible Treatment

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment that straightens and realigns your teeth. Unlike bulky metal braces, these aligners come in the form of crystal clear plastic that is virtually invisible when worn. What’s more? They’re removable!

An overcrowded mouth and significant gaps in the teeth can be corrected with the Invisalign system. Invisalign can also adjust issues with your bite, effectively correcting underbites, overbites, crossbites, deep bites, and open bites as well.

These powerful, clear aligners are worn for at least 22 hours every day, working gently to readjust your teeth into the ideal position. For eating and regular oral hygiene practices, the Invisalign system can be removed.

Choosing the Invisalign System

The Invisalign system is an excellent choice for the independent patient who prefers fewer visits to our Berkeley office. You can go as long as eight weeks without an appointment, and we can sort you out with enough sets of aligners to last the time between visits.

With the extremely customizable Invisalign system, you can change your aligners biweekly as recommended, but you can also accelerate the treatment by replacing your set of aligners every week.

Patients who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment but would prefer not to sport a mouth full of metal love the Invisalign system. Athletes, in particular, are choosing Invisalign in droves, as the freedom to remove the aligners before engaging in contact sports is optimal.

There are countless benefits of choosing the Invisalign system for your orthodontic treatment. Correcting misaligned and crooked teeth, and problems with your bite can also save you a lot of cash in costly dental work down the line.

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