Dental Exams & Cleanings

Exams & Cleanings in Berkeley, CA

Most people understand that regular dental exams and teeth cleanings are very important for optimal oral health. Fortunately, exams and cleanings in Berkeley are easy and affordable for anyone. At Berkeley Smiles, we want you to understand what is happening during your routine visits and why.

Dental Exams in Berkeley

A dental exam at Berkeley Smiles will be performed by your Berkeley dentist at your first visit. During a routine oral health check-up, your hygienist and dentist in Berkeley will include the following steps:

  • Examination the integrity of existing restorations: Check current dental fillings, veneers, crowns, etc.
  • Periodontal disease exam: Inspect the gums and bone around the teeth for any signs of gum disease.
  • Screening for oral cancer: Check the lips, tongue, throat, face, neck tissues, and gums for any signs of mouth cancer.
  • Tooth decay examination: Every tooth surface will be checked for signs of decay.
  • X-ray evaluation: Essential tool for finding decay, cysts, tumors, and bone loss. Digital imaging also helps uncover root and tooth positions.

Professional Dental Cleanings in Berkeley

Professional teeth cleanings at Berkeley Smiles are performed by a dental hygienist. A regular cleaning appointment will include a comprehensive exam and the following:

Tartar (calculus) removal: Tartar is a plaque that has been around long enough to harden. Tartar forms above and below the gum line and can be removed only with special dental tools.

Plaque removal: The invisible, sticky film that forms on tooth surfaces is called plaque. This layer of saliva, leftover food particles and a thriving colony of live bacteria. The living bacteria produce toxins that cause gum inflammation and disease.

With basic exams and cleanings, your Berkeley dentist will also polish your teeth and may recommend a professional fluoride treatment. This strengthening treatment serves as a protective shield, safeguarding your teeth against the harmful acids that breakdown enamel and cause cavities.

Annually, or more often if necessary, based on the condition of your dental health, your dentist in Berkeley will take images of your oral cavity. This helps them to see what is occurring beneath the surface, which can be important for detecting problems before they become extensive.

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