Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Berkeley, CA

Here in our Berkeley Smiles office, we strive each day to provide the best dental care in Berkeley and the surrounding area for our patients.

If you happen to have a missing tooth, there may be a good reason to have it replaced.

  • Having a missing tooth or teeth might affect the way you chew or speak
  • If you have a tooth missing and do not have it replaced, your teeth around it could move. Because of their movement, it can also affect your bite cause more stress on your jaw joint and other teeth.
  • If your teeth have drifted or tipped it makes them harder to clean. It puts those teeth at a much higher risk for gum disease or tooth decay.
  • You can suffer bone loss in the area around your missing tooth.
  • You may be embarrassed by how a missing tooth affects the way you look.

Dental Implants – The Next Best Thing to Natural Teeth

There is not a thing that can replace your natural teeth, but getting dental implants are the next best thing. Honestly, dental implants have been being used for years. They are considered man-made ‘anchors’ that look like little screws, made of titanium or other materials that the human body seems to be compatible. Even if it is a single tooth implant, it is attached in your mouth by surgery in your lower or upper jaw, where it will be replacing the missing tooth’s root or roots.

If you have an implant, it acts and looks like a real, natural tooth. It is a secure fit even when you are speaking or chewing. If you have one tooth implanted, it does not cause involvement with your other teeth. It may aid in helping you in keeping a good part of the bone in and around your teeth.

Placing the Implant

The way in which implants are put in all depends on your anatomy and bone structure, the kind of implant, and which tooth is being replaced. There are some implants that it takes 2 or 3 appointments and might take a year to finish. While other implants might have a temporary crown that is placed on that very day. You and Berkeley Smiles will discuss what type is the best for you.

Berkeley Smiles will place your implant surgically into your jawbone. You might have some tenderness and swelling after the surgery is over, so there may be pain meds prescribed to help in easing the pain. Your Berkeley Smiles might also tell you to eat a soft food diet while your mouth is healing.

The Healing Process

The dental implant in Berkeley is made strong because your bone grows around it and will hold it in place. The process takes some time, so it is not immediately strong. There will be some people who may have to wait until there is complete integration around the implant before Berkeley Smiles can place a permanent tooth replacement to the implant. It may take up to several months.

Then there are others who can get the implant and the temporary replacement tooth all in one day. The length of the healing process depends on the patient, the type of implant, and the location of the tooth being replaced.

A Good Candidate for an Implant

Berkeley Smiles will be able to help you decide if you are a candidate for a dental implant. Most of the time, you will be a good candidate if:

  • You have good health. Some chronic illnesses slow healing after you have surgery and will keep the implant from being successful.
  • Your jawbone will support an implant. If you lost bone in your jaw, you might still be eligible for an implant. Sometimes you may need a bone graft first.
  • You do not use tobacco in any shape or form. Chewing or smoking tobacco has been found to be linked to a rate higher in implant failure.

Keeping up with good oral hygiene will ensure the success of the implant.

The area around the implant must be kept exceptionally clean. You may be told to use a special toothbrush which is called the interproximal toothbrush, or even use a mouth rinse so you can prevent any gum problems.

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