Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Berkeley, CA

A missing tooth or teeth is a serious matter. In most cases, your teeth may shift or tilt into the empty space. Even your teeth on the opposite side of your jaw may shift as well. Because of these shifts, it may affect your overall bite and can cause pain and discomfort and even damage to your jaw. What is even more difficult that teeth that have shift can also be difficult to clean, making them at higher risk for tooth decay. Fortunately, Berkeley Smiles in Berkeley has a solution to ensure that you can prevent this from happening. We offer dental bridges in Berkeley that will preserve your overall bite and maintain your facial shape.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is designed to bridge a gap between your teeth that may have been created by the loss of one or multiple teeth. There are several types of bridges that exist for your teeth. The “traditional bridge” is the most commonly used. A traditional bridge is typically made of porcelain fused to a framework that is typically gold. The first step in installing a bridge is taking an imprint and measurement of your mouth. This will allow us to make a determination to see which bridge will be the most comfortable and best fitting for you.

The installation is not a surgical procedure, so you will be awake throughout the entire procedure. You may feel pain and discomfort during the procedure itself. You can opt for mild sedation so you are more relaxed and comfortable.

One of the benefits of having a bridge is that recovery is minimal and you can be able to eat food again the same way you did when you had regular teeth.

Restore Your Smile for Life

Having a dental bridge installed is the best choice for you if you want a smile that can last a lifetime. Not only will it improve your smile, it will improve your bite and facial structure. Plus, you’ll be able to speak clearly again and worry less about saying the words properly. Contact Berkeley Smiles in Berkeley today for a consultation now and restore your smile for life.

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