3 Common Questions about Root Canals

3 Common Questions about Root Canals

Jun 16, 2019

A dentist must have told you that you need a root canal and you left in uncertainty. You have heard them but what do you really know. You haven’t had one before so the idea of a root canal can be a bit intimidating. You will remember all the rumours and horror stories, but is any of it true? What anybody has said might be leading you into an irrational fear of the unknown. Ease your anxiety by getting an answer to the 3 common questions.

1. Why do I need one?

A root canal is necessary when the inside of your tooth (the pulp) becomes inflamed or infected. It results from deep decay, repeated dental procedures, faulty crowns, or a simple crack or chip in your tooth.

A few signs that indicate you may need a root canal-

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold drinks
  • Discoloration of the problem tooth
  • Tenderness of the gums

2. What exactly is the procedure?

A root canal is a simple procedure where the nerve or pulp from the pulp chamber and root canal is removed. The chamber is then shaped and cleaned for filling and sealed with a rubber-like material. A temporary filling is placed on the tooth to prevent contamination.

The procedure requires more than one visit. In the final step, the temporary filling is removed and finished by restoring the tooth with a crown or filling.

3. Is The Treatment Painful?

Due to modern technology and Anesthesia, a root canal is simple and painless just like having a cavity filled. Therefore, root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it.

It is important to be well informed which is a great way to shed light on a fearful situation. If anything seems intimidating is due to lack of information.

With this above knowledge, you can go ahead with the procedure with confidence. For more questions about the root canal procedure or to learn more, visit Berkeley Smiles.

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