Sleeping in Dentures

Sleeping in Dentures

Mar 19, 2019

You may have heard that sleeping in your dentures at night is not recommended, but you may not know why. You’re not the only one – many individuals with full and partial dentures wonder what the harm is when it comes to sleeping in dentures. The false teeth provide individuals missing their natural teeth with a lot of benefits, such as the improved ability to chew foods and speak in a clear manner. While dentures are great, they also have some downsides.

Things to Consider About Dentures

Dentures can put pressure on your gums, causing resorption. This is a natural process that results in the volume and density of bone decreasing. When you wear dentures for 24 hours each day, the rate of resorption is accelerated. This will cause the support for your dentures to become inadequate and they may fall out of the mouth more often or loosen. The appearance of your face may also change due to the lack of support for the cheeks or lips.

Sleeping in Dentures

If you do not remove dentures, then they are not being cleaner underneath and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Individuals that wear their dentures while sleeping are more likely to develop excess plaque as well as oral yeast infections and gum inflammation. Denture stomatitis may occur as well, which is when the gum tissue covered by dentures become inflamed, red, and infected by yeast. Cracking can occur at the corners of the mouth as well as infections.

When wearing dentures, you must maintain good oral hygiene – this includes removing your dentures and cleaning them thoroughly. Denture stomatitis is treated by cleaning dentures and removing them at night. You can also get prescribed anti-fungal medications for any oral yeast infections in the mouth.

At Berkeley Smiles, we give patients all the information needed to make the right choices with dentures and take care of them. Details for your dental care will be outlines so that your replacement teeth can be functional and healthy. Speak with a Berkeley Smiles dentist in Berkeley, CA about your dentures and how to care for them as well as any other information you may need about your oral health.

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