Dentures 101: What You Need to Know

Dentures 101: What You Need to Know

Aug 01, 2020

Dentures 101: What You Need to Know

Replacing your teeth not only improves your smile, but it’s also essential for your oral and overall health. Dentures are customized to look and feel natural. They are used to replace missing teeth and are supported by the hard and soft tissues in the cavity. The following are the denture options we provide at Berkeley Smiles.

Types of Dentures

Over Dentures

They are removable and are usually fitted over your remaining natural teeth. The natural teeth provide much-needed stability to the dentures. They can be placed either on the upper or the lower jaw, depending on your needs.

Partial Dentures

These are used if you still have some natural teeth. A gum-colored base, at times connected with metal frameworks, is attached to the dentures holding them into place. They are removable and made out of acrylic materials.

In addition to filling in the missing teeth, they also prevent the other teeth from changing their positions. You can visit our denture specialists for partial and full dentures in Berkeley, CA.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures can be conventional or immediate. The latter is installed on the same day that your teeth get removed.

The measurements and models are made during your initial visit. Immediate dentures ensure you have something to chew with during the healing period. After your jaw is healed, your dentures may have to be remade or relined.

Conventional dentures are removable and are placed after you have fully healed. This means you may have to spend several months without teeth.

Snap-in Dentures

They can be used when you have no remaining teeth but have enough bones to hold the implants. Just like the partial dentures, they are removable.

Economy Dentures

They are cost-effective but are neither comfortable nor fit securely in your mouth. These dentures have no natural look, making them appear fake. Dental adhesives are required to make them sit more securely.

Custom Dentures

For these types of dentures, you have to dig a little bit more in your pockets. However, they will give you a more natural-looking smile. They are customized to fit your dental texture and structure. You can always see them before completion to follow up with progress.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are used to support these dentures. The implants are made to look natural and are durable. They provide a great deal of support to secure the dentures into place.

Materials Used for Dentures

Dentures are usually made from acrylic due to its ease in manipulation and its likeness with the oral tissues. Color agents will be used to achieve the wanted shade, while synthetic fibers are used to imitate the small capillaries found in the oral mucosal.

Since the acrylic is fragile and can break easily, cobalt-chromium is used to reinforce its base.

Getting Used to Your Dentures

During the first few weeks after you get your dentures, you may feel uncomfortable. They may also feel loose as your tongue and muscle cheeks get accustomed to them. You may experience minor soreness and irritation.

However, if they persist, you should seek immediate medical attention. There will be increased saliva flow as your mouth gets to accommodate the dentures. Make sure to have those regular dental checkups with our dentists in Berkeley, CA, 94705, for adjustments and treatment for any developing dental complications.

After Care Tips for Your Dentures

Dentures are fragile and easily break. When handling them, stand over a basin of water or a neatly folded towel in case they fall.

Before brushing your teeth, rinse them to remove any food particles. Brush your dentures using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid scratching the surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner might be used, but it’s not as thorough as brushing.

Brush your tongue and gums twice every day to get rid of plaque before putting on your dentures.

When you are not wearing dentures, soak them in clean water to prevent them from drying. Do not use warm water to avoid warping. For damaged or loose dentures, visit the dentist near you for assistance.

If you need dentures, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help. Our dental offices serve the areas of Oakland, Emeryville, Claremont, and Fairview Park.

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