7 Common Myths about Dental Veneers

7 Common Myths about Dental Veneers

Sep 01, 2020

The internet is great. It provides us with knowledge, entertainment, and jobs for millions of people. However, in as much as it educates, if you are not careful, you can end up getting misinformed. Google tries as much as possible to get rid of misinformation, but as we all know, it is not easy.

That said, there have been some myths and misconceptions about the cosmetic procedure, dental veneers circulating on the internet. Today, we set the records straight by debunking these myths and providing you with the facts.

#1: The Treatment Looks Unnatural

Thousands of people have been convinced that veneers look too fake. One of the reasons why some people think the cosmetic procedure looks fake is the appearance of persons who have had gum recession after the application of the veneers. The enamel may be exposed and it will possibly be stained, making the appearance of the patient’s teeth looking unnatural.

Another possibility is the patient never took proper care of their veneers, which led to damage after a short time. When damaged, they may look unnatural.

But the good news is the treatment look natural. When applied by an experienced dentist, you can be sure of a beautiful smile. You can count on us if you require veneers near you in Berkeley, CA. Our dentist takes his time to customize your treatment to look beautiful and as natural as possible.

#2: They Break Easily

Some people fail to see the point of getting veneers because they believe they are fragile and will break with the slightest application of force. They have been convinced that they will need to change their diet and only take soft foods. Well, that’s not the case.

Veneers are made of strong porcelain/ ceramic that is stain resistant and long-lasting. Statistics show that if you take proper care of your veneers they can last for over ten years. Some can last for up to 20 years. Would you call a treatment lasting for 20+ years fragile?

#3: It’s Too Expensive

The price is always something to consider while choosing any treatment option. It is always wise to choose an option that you can afford. That said, thousands of people have been led to believe that veneers are too expensive and they are not worth the cost. That’s not the case, though.

Yes, the treatment may be a little expensive, but it always worth the price. The procedure will completely change your smile for the better. The benefits of the treatment outweigh the cost andyou will always be proud of your smile. Talk to us if you need a Saturday dentist in Berkeley, CA.

#4: The Treatment Is for Everyone

Veneers are used by thousands of people, including celebrities but it does not mean they’re perfect for everyone. Gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental infections can prevent you from enjoying this cosmetic procedure. However,in most cases, you will get the veneers after you are all healed up.

#5: Veneers are only for Visible Teeth

This cosmetic procedure is usually used for front teeth, but that does not mean it cannot be used for back teeth. After all, the treatment can be used to fix discolored, crooked, or cracked teeth, regardless of the location of the teeth. It can even be used to fix minor misalignments and gaps between the teeth.

#6: The Procedure is Painful

Days are gone when dental procedures were painful. Sedation dentistry has made sure of that. This means that you can easily get veneers without worrying about pain even if you have severely decayed teeth.

After the treatment, most people don’t experience any pain either.If you experience severe pain talk to your dentist and he will provide you with a solution.

Veneers Require Special Care

You will not even need to change your routine care. Just continue doing what you have always done to maintain proper oral hygiene. The treatment may even make your oral care routine easier if you were fixing crooked teeth.

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