How Good Dental Care Leads to Better Overall Health

How Good Dental Care Leads to Better Overall Health

May 01, 2019

Dental care is not just about having a good smile. Your dental health has an impact on your physical and psychological health in more than one way . Here’s a look at how you can keep yourself healthy with good dental care:

  • Confidence Comes from a Great Smile

Good dental care in Berkeley offers a great smile which boosts your confidence and makes you more social and amiable. It creates positive impact on your professional and personal life. People consider you as a positive and approachable person.

  • Better Teeth Mean Better Memory

This may come as a surprise but losing teeth can impact your memory. Healthy teeth and gums contribute to extra blood and oxygen flow around the brain. Also, losing teeth can mean you don’t eat the same foods that you used to have earlier, which may have led to vitamin deficiencies.

  • Improve Your Heart Health With Dental Care

Did you know that gum disease can impact your heart health? People suffering from advanced gum diseases are at risk of developing cardiac issues. The bacteria may travel to your arteries and lead to cardiovascular problem. If heart issues run in your family, you can protect yourself by taking care of your gums and teeth.

  • Manage Your Diabetes By Caring for Your Gums

Diabetes and periodontal diseases are interconnected where having one puts you at risk of developing the other! Gum disease can be especially harmful in people with diabetes as it can injure your body’s ability to seal-heal. It is important to maintain good dental care.

  • Prevent a Preterm Birth

Apart from other issues, gum disease can cause preterm birth in infants who have low birth weight. If you are pregnant, it is important to take care of your dental health.

  • Reduce Systemic Disease Risk With Oral Health

Systemic diseases and overall health have a strong link with oral health. It is known that when your oral health is compromised, the rest of the body is always at risk. If you wish to remain fit and healthy, good oral health is incredibly important.

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