Bring Your Teeth Back to Life With Composite Fillings

Bring Your Teeth Back to Life With Composite Fillings

May 16, 2019

Composite can be a nice option in case when you are looking for dental treatment for dental issues like a decayed tooth. It can mimic the natural colour of your teeth and can help maintain dental health altogether. Composed of a mixture of plastic and glass, it can enhance the entire appearance of teeth. It can further be used for reshaping an uneven tooth.

Basic Information

Composite is a fruitful dental option for tooth decay. It can carefully be placed over decayed tooth or teeth in the form of the layer which when dry up harden up to attain better shape. If required, it is possible to obtain the required shape with composite. A dentist may also polish composite to prevent the tooth from wear or tarnish. The cost of composite is comparatively high when compared to the silver filling but the quality and results are very rich.


The advantages of composite filling are pretty better when compared to traditional silver filing and these may be:

  • It helps attain a natural appearance
  • It adds up additional support for tooth structure
  • It reduces the chance of tooth breakage
  • It can go well with extreme temperature changes as well.


Composites are a revolutionary technique which can address dental issue of decay but like every other dental procedure, composites may have some drawbacks in some patients.

  • The patient may experience increased sensitivity for few minutes after the procedure. This will soon eradicate.
  • The color of the composite may change due to unhealthy eating habits
  • In case of larger cavities, it may have shorter life-span
  • If right precautions are not maintained, the result may vary in some patients.

Composite filling is quite suitable for those patients who do not wish to go with a traditional silver filling. With better appearance, composite can also help attain better dental results in many dental patients. When you wish to know that are you a suitable candidate for filling or not you may consult an expert dentist without any delay.

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